A Leader in the Community
A Dad Who Cares

Nov. 3, 2020


I welcome all volunteers to help on the campaign. If interested, please email me at bradley.beach75@yahoo.com.


Follow me on Facebook at Brad Beach

for ABC School Board 2020 and keep

updated on the campaign.


If you would like a yard sign for your front lawn, please contact me, and we will have it delivered immediately. 


July 14, 2020

Brad Beach announces his campaign for ABC School Board


Brad Beach for ABC School Board 2020 kicked off his campaign and it is in full swing. He is looking for volunteers and help in getting the word out to our neighbors in Trustee Area #4.  The trustee area is between South Street and Del Amo and from Gridley to Carmenita. Election day is November 3, so please vote.

"As the ABC Unified School District faces an uncertain future due to the Coronavirus, staff has projected receiving approximately $10 million less in revenues, and things are looking more and more bleak daily.  In these trying times, I am someone who will listen to you and make common sense decisions for the betterment of our children. The safety of our children is the highest priority for me and balancing our budget without sacrificing our children's education is paramount. I also want to make sure that Measure BB funds that we are all paying for are spent in accordance with our Facilities Master Plan. I am supported by many local elected officials and have a proven track record in the community that you can trust.  I'm a community leader with strong ethics, integrity and a Dad who cares." - Brad

July 15, 2020

Brad Beach for ABC School Board 2020 launches Facebook page


With just a littleover three months until election day on November 3, Brad Beach for ABC School Board 2020 has launched a Facebook Page. This page highlights Brad's service

in the community and has the Trustee Area #4 map for you

to confirm in you live within the boundary.  Please tell your friends about the campaign and follow us at https://www.facebook.com/Brad-Beach-for-ABC-School-Board-2020-102305334891750.

July 15, 2020

Brad Beach for ABC School Board 2020 obtains key endorsements


Brad is supported by 4 of the 7 current ABC School Board Members.  He is also supported by former Cerritos Mayors
George Ray, Don Knabe, Bob Hughlett, Bob Witt, Paul Bowlen, Barry Rabbitt, Diana Needham, Sherman Kappe and Gloria Kappe and former school board members Olympia Chen, David Montgomery and Dixie Primosch

Brad Beach for ABC School Board 2020